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What is ‘Parentstory’?

Parentstory is a trusted and inspiring marketplace in membership basis, that aims to help amazing parents to explore and experience the best kids activities for their children.

How can I join Parentstory’s subscription?

You can join our membership by signing up to our account (click the “Sign Up” button in homepage), choose your membership plan with your chosen payment method.

Whom can I contact for further information about Parentstory and the activities?

You can contact our customer support through mails: info@parentstory.com , or instant messaging (chat) on the website and mobile app.

Does Parentstory have any class or activity for children with special needs?

We try our best to make every child develop through different activity categories. We will provide the 'special needs' category as soon as possible. But if you have recommendation of activity provider we should partner, please contact our customer support, and we'll contact them immediately.